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Hearing loss is a disability that few people understand. According to the John Hopkins researchers, one in five Americans over the age of 12 have hearing loss severe enough to make communications difficult. A hearing loop provides significantly enhanced functionality for hearing aids and cochlear implants in numerous venues.

Theaters, performing arts centers, churches, auditoriums, Court Rooms, Ticket Counters, Drive Thru windows and TV rooms are just a fraction of the places hearing loops can be installed.

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In brief, you should know that Southern Star Technology is a authorized Contacta Inc. dealer and trained installer, No matter what you need to loop, yourself, a room, a church or auditorium we can help.

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A hearing or induction loop is simply a "loop" of wire plugged into a amplifier to create a current driven magnetic loop. This magnetic signal is then sent to listeners who have a hearing t-coil equipped hearing aid or suitable receiver, for a clear sound without interference.     A amplifier or driver takes a signal from a public address system or television and transmits the sound through a loop of wire or flat copper tape placed around the perimeter of room. The wire can be installed under carpet, wood or even in concrete and the signal will work properly to provide a clear interference free sound.  Rooms containing metal mesh, metal frames or suspended ceilings will need more elaborate systems to overcome losses.Anyone with the proper receiver can listen to the audio signal. They are especially useful for the hard of hearing who can switch directly into the system by using the "T" or T-coil position on any equipped hearing aid. Other useful applications are tour guide setups in a museum or art galleries or in the home connected to your TV. The possibilities are endless  

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