About Us

Our Mission

To increase awareness, provide information and create advocates for the installation of hearing loops. We want to help you and your business become and advocate!

Our Vision

To create an environment in which all persons who have a hearing disability have an equal opportunity to participate as active, productive, and independent citizens.

Our Services

We handle the complete consultation, design, installation, sales, and service of all our hearing loops. Contact us with your concerns, and we will help you every step of the way.

We Are Here To Help

Southern Star Technology is a hearing loop company located in Midlothian, Texas. We are a small business that handles the complete consultation, design, installation, sales, and service to our valued customers. That means we will be personally interacting with you every step of the way.

You Can Trust Us!

ADA Compliant

Our Hearing Loop systems are classified as an Assistive Listening System, and conform to ADA requirements for hearing disabilities.

Trained Installers

Southern Star Technology is a Contacta Inc. trained installer.

Listen Technologies Certified

Southern Star Technology is a certified Listen Technologies Level 2 Integrator.

Authorized Dealer

Southern Star Technology is an authorized Contacta Inc. assistive listening systems dealer.

Our Story

Kevin and Callie

We are Kevin and Callie Brown, the founders of Southern Star Technology.
We founded Southern Star Technology in 2014 after Kevin’s mother was stricken with sudden, profound hearing loss following an illness.

Her need to connect with others who could relate to her hearing loss led her and her husband to attend a “Say What Club” convention in Salt Lake City for the deaf and hearing-impaired. Along with the usual accessibility options such as caption and sign language interpreters, hearing induction loops were installed in all of the presentation rooms. She realized that this new technology, which allowed her to hear the clarity of speech through her hearing aid for the first time, was life-altering for her.

Armed with this knowledge, she flew back to Texas on a mission to spread the word and raise awareness of the unique benefits of hearing loops. That’s when we stepped in to help. Unfortunately, we found a lack of hearing loops installers in Texas, and close to none in the large DFW area. We experienced the negative effects that hearing loss can cause including stress, depression, and a feeling of isolation. This was an opportunity to help Kevin’s mother, but also MANY others by increasing community awareness of hearing disabilities, and making this affordable technology available to those in need.

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