What Is A Hearing Loop?

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A hearing loop, or hearing induction loop, allows people with hearing disabilities who have a hearing aid or cochlear implant to hear clear audio straight from the source. No additional devices needed.

Hearing loops consist of  wire radiating magnetic signals that can be picked up by a receiver already built into most hearing aids and cochlear implants. When the receiver is turned on it receives only the sound coming directly from the source. That means they will hear clear audio with no room noise; an otherwise impossible occurrence without a hearing loop. Video provided by Sertoma

This is the universal symbol for Hearing Loop.  The “T” signifies that an available telecoil, or t-coil, compatible system is in place at the venue. Most people with a hearing aid or cochlear implant are able to use the hearing loop with a simple switch. When you see this sign at an establishment, you can count on everyone being included in the conversation.

Hearing Loop Sign

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