How To Be An Advocate

We are committed to be advocates for the hearing impaired. Advocating for hearing accessible technology is important both at a local and national level in order to help improve the lives of those with hearing loss.  We are here to help fight for their core needs, that would allow them to live more independently and fully participate in their communities.

Get Involved!


IDENTIFY places in your community that you would benefit from loop technology, such as a library or doctor's waiting room


BUILD community awareness. Speak with local community organizations. Write a letter to your local newspaper!


APPROACH your local city council about possible funding needed to install hearing loops around your city.

Telecoil Instruction Card

Download/Print our Telecoil instruction card to give to your audiologist.

Advocacy Card

Download/Print our advocacy card to share with businesses and venues.

Demonstration Video

View our hearing loop demonstration video and share with others.
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